The mystery of the SARS-COV 2 entry in cells, allostasis, and the COVID-19 severity up to fatality has been revealed.

The theory, inspired by the Person-Centered Medicine paradigm change of medical science and medicine and the derived health concept relativity, resulted from the prof. Giuseppe R.Brera’s (University Ambrosiana-Milan School of Medicine ), theoretical investigations on more than 1000 papers since 2003. The discovery changes the COVID-19 prevention perspectives and resolves the high mutant virus prevention failure and early treatment and the omissions of secondary prevention in older people at risk by introducing the People and Person-Centered Prevention Theory, based on the constitution of a metabolic-immune shield for people, warranting other communicable and non-communicable diseases prevention, like cancer.

The significant theories completely reverse the world public health policies against COVID-19, built of an obsolete model and oriented only to bio-technology, by addressing these to Person-Centered Medicine according to Medicine and Medical Science advances and the derived health concept to date defined as “ The best possibilities for the best being a human person”, introduced on invitation by the author in WHO, in 2011, but not applied, until now. The research results presented in the books make the Person-Centered Medicine and health paradigm adoption in countries and WHO the necessary condition for any pandemic shutdown, public health fares saving, and the realization of the World Health Charter because orient to prevention.

The SARS-COV 2 allostasis theory, the health relativity theory the PPCP model are published in three books (one in preparation) published by the University Ambrosiana editorial department: 

 “Person -Centered Medicine and Person- Centered Clinical Method- Practical results of the Medicine unitary paradigm and the COVID-19 people and person-centered prevention theory ”
131 p. -132 references euro 77   ( e-book – in distribution )

Sars-Cov-2 allostasis and the COVID-19  people and person-centered prevention-A new prevention strategy  based  on  the people’s metabolic and immune shield induction for the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown”
632 p. – 1065 references.  Euro 133  ( in distribution within 4 April)
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