The  Lombardia Region (Italy) welfare  High Commissioner Giulio Gallera will present at the International Conference: Medical Science and Health Paradigm Change, (Milan 13-14-15 October 2017-Hospital Ca Granda- Niguarda)  the  first people and person centered health care system that appears  to our knowledge the most advanced to date.

The new health plan creates the possibility for chronic patients to choose a physician as personal tutor of their disease who will follow  a person centered therapeutic organization integrating all dimensions of prevention, care and rehabilitation, impeding the fragmentation of the person determined by different specialists and care systems. The tutor will  follow the sick person over time and in the different care-spaces. Two persons : the patient and the physician tutor will cope together with the existential challenge of a chronic disease.

The program realizes the principal objective of the World Health Charter to warrant a personalized health care to all, offering possibilities for a person centered medicine.

A particular person centered  continuing medical education will warrant  the update of tutors.

In such a way the Lombardia Region , (Italy- 10 millions of people), where the Person Centered Medicine paradigm is born, could represent a model to be exported all over the world.

The Person Centered Medicine paradigm theorized by prof.Giuseppe R.Brera in 1998 in clinics and studied and applied in Medical Education in the Ambrosiana University and  the Italian Society of Adolescentology and Adolescence Medicine , allows at the same time to save people from suffering, promoting autonomy and new resources and to save public money.

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